C3vn’s Two Pack Single Debut: Two Sounds One Revolution


Rising Nigerian music sensation, C3vn, is set to make waves in the industry with the release of his highly anticipated debut two-pack single on the 25th of August, 2023.

With introspective lyrics, infectious rhythms, and authentic storytelling, C3vn is poised to ignite a musical revolution that transcends boundaries and captivates hearts.|

Hailing from Surulere, Lagos, C3vn’s musical journey was shaped by the enchanting melodies of legendary Nigerian artists. Now, he emerges as a true prodigy, seamlessly blending therapeutic emotive fusion, Afrobeats,and Afropop to create a sound that defies categorization and evokes pure emotion.

With the backing of BlueMoon Production, the renowned label that C3VN is proudly signed to, his talent shines bright, and their collaboration paves the way for a remarkable musical career.

Each track showcases his creative evolution and artistic excellence with introspective tracks like “Out of Heaven,” where he explores  the struggle with overwhelming emotions, and the infectious energy of “Mad a magnetic ode to love and desire, C3VN invites fans to join him on this captivating musical journey.

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