Danny Brace invites listeners into his sensual subconscious in new visuals 

Danny Brace

Reminiscent of early 2000s RnB- sensual, provocatively coy and suave, Danny Brace enjoys a full course meal of passion in his newly released visuals for love serenade – Sabrina.

What would follow is a cinematic intrusion into the artists decadent subconscious – a world where he literally strips her off her religious garb and invites the audience into an imagined fantasy of what could be. 

Danny Brace continues to show his stellar range with this silken composition. Here, the 20 year old, signed to  Ahlumi Entertainment, sings of desire with skill and suave. Sabrina is a beautiful ode that explores the line between passion, live and lust. 

Completely a prisoner to his muse’s whims, Danny Brace is utterly enthralled in this one. Set against a backdrop brimming with colour – this story is an alluring daydream of love and desire. The story begins with a chance encounter. A casual walk down the alley brings Danny Brace in contact with the object of his desire. 

Impeccably written, on Sabrina,  the afropop/afrofusion singer is held hostage by a sheer possibility of what could be. Beyond being in his feelings, he is also in his own head. Here it is humid, it is hot and Danny Brace finds a way to turn up the heat further with a stellar visual. 

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