Lucid’s long-awaited EP, “HI I’M LULU” is finally here, and it’s a game-changer. As the name implies, the project showcases a unique introductory energy that connects Lucid with die-hard fans and new listeners alike.

Filled with biographical stories, captivating lyrics, and seductive writings, “HI I’M LULU” gives you an insight into the personal journeys, unique energy, and vivid imagination of Lucid.

“The Ep means everything to me because aside the fact that it’s my debut ep which is amazing. It’s my sound, it’s my music, it’s my stories in my songs. And every song has a feeling to it. I pray the world get to hear my sound and testify decades after.” – Lucid states on the making of the EP.

Within the EP, there are some standout tracks that will leave an impression on even the most discerning music lovers. One such track is “Blessings,” which is a soulful representation of Lucid’s story and journey. It’s a song that not only touches hearts but makes a strong prophetic statement. With its raw emotion and captivating lyrics, “Blessings” captures the essence of Lucid’s creative process, leaving a lasting impact on the listener.

Another impressive track on the EP is “Night bus,” which is a creative representation of the concept. Lucid weaves a tale of sexual drive and groove, delivering a message that is both direct and indirect. If you’re looking for a captivating song that will get you up and dancing, this track should be at the top of your playlist.

“Flat tyre” is a track that exposes the consequences of destructive behaviour in a toxic relationship. Lucid tells the story of a guy who takes responsibility for his actions. Through this cautionary tale, “Flat Tyre” highlights the importance of responsible choices and the consequences of bad habits.

Throughout the EP, Lucid delves into deep introspective thoughts and emotions that are expressed through the track “Therapy.” This particular song represents a profoundly personal message, and it showcases a side of Lucid that’s rarely seen. If you’re looking for some emotional depth, “Therapy” is the track for you.

“Tatashe” is a feel-good track that will undoubtedly put you in a happy mood. This upbeat track focuses on the theme of love and its expression. With its relatable lyrics and catchy melodies, this song is bound to resonate with all music lovers.

In conclusion, “HI I’M LULU” is a unique and dynamic masterpiece that showcases Lucid’s versatility as an artist. This EP blends different genres seamlessly to deliver a captivating experience. With each track carrying a specific message, the EP is a testament to Lucid’s dedication to their art and determination to break barriers.

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