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Nigerian Afro-pop singer, Rukky drops an emotional three-pack single.

Fast-rising Afro-pop singer, Rukky makes an ingenious move with his latest three-pack release in which the singer seeks to express his grievances about love that in turn leads to an elevated
state of mind.`

The three-pack single chronologically titled ‘Shakara’, ‘No Feelings’, and ‘Feelings’ is the singer’s second release of the year following his earlier release in March (Intentional).

Rukky delivers each song with the intent to pass a message that is largely centered on heartbreak, love, and Money.

In ‘Shakara’, the singer taunts his estranged lover who has done him dirty. He sings about how despite his monetary show of affection, she still goes on to cheat on him. He is letting her know
he has moved on through the chest-thumping brag of a record.
In ‘Feelings’, he recaps his ordeal that has now led to a full-blown realization.

He talks about how he had to learn the hard way through the heartbreak that money wasn’t enough to buy real

‘No feelings’ further accentuates and stamps his claim as he now focuses on “the bag” alone.

The three-pack single is available on all streaming platforms now.

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